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EGSHQ No Intro

Sick of watching the Conan Exiles intro?

Replace the intro movies with 1 sec black screen videos 🙂

Warning: overwriting your existing intro files will cause you to lose them.

Locate your Conan Exiles Movies folder

SteamLibrary --SteamApps --Common --Conan Exiles --ConanSandbox --Content --Movies

Make a BackUp of your files or rename the current files.

Examples of rename or the files to keep a backup copy of.

*CinematicIntroV2 (change to CinematicIntroV2default)
*CinematicIntroV3 (change to CinematicIntroV3default)
*CinematicIntroV4_surround (change to CinematicIntroV4_surrounddefault)
*StartupNvidia (change to StartupNvidiadefault)

After you have saved or renamed your 4 intro movie files..

1. Download EGSHQ No Intro Folder.
2. Unzip the folder
3. Drag or copy and paste the 4 videos from the EGSHQ No Intro Folder into your Conan Exiles Movies folder.

Location of your steamlibrary??
SteamLibrary --SteamApps --Common --Conan Exiles --ConanSandbox --Content --Movies

*Note: The first time you load into the game after this modification you will see a longer black load screen instead of the conan intro so wait for it to load. On the 2nd login to the game it will load really fast or should lol ?

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