EA Access + Origin Access = EA Play

EA is rebranding its EA Access and Origin Access services simply as EA Play.

There are no financial changes for customers, nor does the rebranding require any additional effort for people to play games under their current subscription. The company describes the rebrand as “an important step in streamlining our services to ensure that being an EA Play member is the best way to play,” in a new blog post. EA Access currently runs for $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year. Origin Access is the same price, with Origin Access Premier running $19.99 a month or $129.99 a year.

EA is likely hoping that combining EA Access and Origin Access under one banner will make it easier for people when shopping around. The move comes just as EA is preparing to bring its subscription services to Steam, and the rebrand is likely not a coincidence.

“EA Access and Origin Access Basic will become EA Play, and Origin Access Premier will change to EA Play Pro,” the blog post notes, adding that EA is “adding even more in the coming months, starting with exclusive in-game challenges and monthly reward drops for members on select titles.”

Exclusives will include “early access challenges and rewards like Ultimate Team Packs, exclusive vanity items, cosmetics and more,” but will vary by title. As part of the change, EA’s annual EA Play event that occurs at E3 will become EA Play Live.

The changes to EA Access, Origin Access, and Origin Access Premier will go into effect on August 18th.


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