Minecraft Dungeons cross-play support announced

At the Minecraft Live showcase, Mojang revealed a slate of DLC for Minecraft Dungeons, in addition to announcing cross-play support for the game.

Firstly, cross-play will be a free update added to Minecraft Dungeons at some point later this year. It’ll bring together the PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch player bases together for some dungeon delving co-operation.

Additionally, Minecraft Dungeons is getting a new DLC expansion, called Howling Peaks, at some point in the future. The Howling Peaks will introduce a new boss called the Tempest Golem, who creates storms of howling winds from the tops of various mountain peaks. There’ll be new missions, items, enemies, and more bundled into this DLC expansion.

The Howling Peaks expansion will be the third DLC pack to release for Minecraft Dungeons since it launched in May. The Jungle Awakens DLC kicked things off in July, and then the Creeping Winter DLC added in new enemies, areas, and bosses in September.

Alongside the Howling Peaks DLC, there’ll be a free update for Minecraft Dungeons that’ll add in a ton of new difficulty options. Apocalypse Plus is a set of 20 difficulty options available after Apocalypse VII, which increases the power ceiling for characters, as well as adding in unique loot items for veteran players.

The Howling Peaks DLC was demoed at the Minecraft Live showcase across a variety of different platforms. This was a demo of the upcoming cross-play support for Minecraft Dungeons, which Mojang revealed will be bringing together PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch players later this year.



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