Oculus Quest VR

Turn a small space into an immersive gaming area with this Oculus Quest all-in-one VR system. The wireless headset and controllers provide a compact setup and don’t require a PC, the 64GB or 128GB of storage accommodate compatible VR game titles.

Oculus Quest is a standalone headset VR released by Oculus Inc.
It is Oculus Go’s high-end model and has higher performance than Oculus Go in all performances such as resolution and tracking function. Whereas the Go allows you to look up-down-left-right, the Quest lets you physically “move” around the VR space. You don’t need to set up cameras in a room to convey your physical position to the headset.

Play the best of both worlds. Now you can experience a wide-range of Rift content titles on Oculus Quest when connected to a compatible PC.

No PC. No wires. No limits. $399 USD 64GB – $499 USD 128GB



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