Project Resistance

Capcom unveiled a first look at Project Resistance, the Resident Evil spinoff. The publisher describes Project Resistance as “a new type of survival horror” that features asymmetrical multiplayer for five players.

Four of those players will assume the role of survivors who must cooperate to endure a deadly experiment. Each survivor comes equipped with his or her own special skills, and players will need to coordinate to solve puzzles and stay alive.

The fifth player acts as the Mastermind, tracking the team of survivors using security cameras and summoning zombies, Lickers, and other creatures to prevent the players from escaping. The Mastermind uses a deck of cards to set traps, manipulate the environment (much of which looks lifted from the Resident Evil 2 remake), and weaponize security cameras. The Mastermind can also directly control zombies and assume the form of the towering Tyrant.

Project Resistance is in development for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There is no projected release date as of yet…


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