Splinter Cell is being adapted for a Netflix animated series

The Splinter Cell franchise will return in a new form. Netflix and Ubisoft are partnering for an animated adaptation of Splinter Cell, targeted toward an adult audience. The show has been signed for a two-season, 16-episode order

Ubisoft confirmed that “the deal is true”, and said that the show will be an anime series.

Splinter Cell first released in 2002 and has had six since additional titles since then, as well as a series of tie-in novels under the Tom Clancy brand. The narrative focuses on former U.S. Navy SEAL Sam Fisher, who is recruited to work for the fictional Third Echelon division of the very real National Security Agency (NSA).

Gameplay is based around stealth, with Sam infiltrating places with the help of his iconic green night vision goggles to uncover shadowy conspiracies and protect the United States. As the games advanced, the plot moved forward, with Sam heading up an even more secretive and elite squad known as Fourth Echelon. The most recent game, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, was released in 2013.

A Splinter Cell film has been in development for some time, although the last official update on its progress was in 2017.

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